Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks Vet Mike!

Thanksgiving (the anniversary of Dad's death) was just made better by Vet Mike! Sent via gmail Nov 23 2010.

Dear Stacy,
I just read your wonderful tribute to your father on the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Fund website. Any father would be proud to read such a wonderful understanding by his child of the role he played. I pray that as another anniversary of his death comes around, your sisters will be able to open their minds, as you have, and understand the great role their father played not only in their own lives, but in trying to improve the lives of a nation of people so far away, so long ago. Your tribute brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine the pain you and your family have endured. As you said, your mother deserves a medal of her own. I would add, so do you and your sisters. No child should have to endure such a loss. You, as well as your father, have given much for this country. I will give thanks this Thanksgiving for your father's life and for his family for their gift to us.
I sincerely hope that the peace you have found from studying about your father, may also be found by your sisters. My own tour in Viet Nam ended just before your father was killed. While the war was supposedly "winding down," many men were still being lost, far too many. Cherish your father's trunk and your memories of him. He was a fine man!

Mike Nawrath
Chu Lai, RVN, Americal Division
October, 1970 - October, 1971

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