Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Note from Vet Gary

Dear Stacy,

I belong to an Air Force website called AFTWS, or Air Force Together We Served. One of the privileges of belonging to such a website is to honor our Fallen Brothers. I am a former Security Policeman, Sgt. Gary Banzhoff, and I have the honor of preparing a "Remembrance Profile" for your Father. I do this with love and respect. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting your Dad, he will always remain a "Brother Airman". This is a bond that many who have never served can fathom.

I have included a link to your Dad's profile, not only for you to view, but perhaps help me make corrections where needed, or fill in some blanks.

I am deeply saddened by your family's loss. Your Dad's memory will be kept alive in the hearts and minds of you, your family and his AF Brothers in perpetuity.




Gary, I salute you! Thanks so much for your tribute. My family loves it!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Note from Nadia, sister of deceased vet

Nadia sent me a touching note. Nadia's brother, James Thomas, was lost with my father when their chopper crashed in the river. Thomas was the pararescue jumper on board the helicopter. Thomas was seen swimming to enemy shore, but was never found. Nadia will visit the Wall in DC this May. As she said, she has "a few pictures and memories, but that is all" of her brother. We know how you feel, Nadia.