Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Note from Vet Gary

Dear Stacy,

I belong to an Air Force website called AFTWS, or Air Force Together We Served. One of the privileges of belonging to such a website is to honor our Fallen Brothers. I am a former Security Policeman, Sgt. Gary Banzhoff, and I have the honor of preparing a "Remembrance Profile" for your Father. I do this with love and respect. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting your Dad, he will always remain a "Brother Airman". This is a bond that many who have never served can fathom.

I have included a link to your Dad's profile, not only for you to view, but perhaps help me make corrections where needed, or fill in some blanks.

I am deeply saddened by your family's loss. Your Dad's memory will be kept alive in the hearts and minds of you, your family and his AF Brothers in perpetuity.




Gary, I salute you! Thanks so much for your tribute. My family loves it!

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Anonymous said...


I have updated the link to your Dad's Profile.

Gary Banzhoff
AFTWS Chief Administrator