Saturday, August 22, 2009

Note from Mom

This is the first time I have seen your complete blog. I have found it through footnotes and read a few entries. You are doing a great job in your support of the survivors. It sounds like all the questions we had about your Dad's heroism in Vietnam has been answered through this last communication with Mr. Davis. It was helpful for him to talk with you I am sure. It is interesting to read your initial blog in 2006 inquiring about your Dad to your 2009 information updating all on the support that can be obtained from various entities. Keep up the good work. Personally I am so happy that you are finally getting answers to the burning questions about your Dad. As for me, I still shake with emotion when I read the "real truth." I prefer to remember your Dad as a skinny 17 year old walking three miles in all kinds of weather to court me; as a 26 year old proud pilot with his shiny new wings after he graduated second in his pilot training class 57-O in Bartow, Fl; his terrific sense of humor. Even when he made me angry I would always laugh at his comeback; his ability to make friends. Everyone liked Bob even though at times he could be a real bear; the tenderness he showed with his babies; his toughness as a father; but most of all, I am so sorry that you girls did not get the opportunity to know a "real man" whose approach to life was never comprising his values or beliefs and whose intelligence and strength of character still support me today. I am so thankful that I have made peace with those events from 1969-1971 and can appreciate Bob's heroism and the many lives he saved and touched during those years. I know he is thanking me for letting him rest finally. Again keep up the good work in your support for the children. Love Mom

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