Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Note from Vet Kurt


My name is Kurt Tschuor and I reside in Muncie, Indiana. I am a retired USAF flight engineer (HH-3/HH-53/C-130), and was proud to read your statements regarding your father. Our condolences to your loss.

I was moved by your description of his return from Vietnam, and his behavior that was entwined to his tour. I too had similar actions, and can certainly relate. Time has certain actions that can provide a positive lifestyle, and for me it was to learn acceptance of "family first", and "brother's combined". You see, I had a very hard time distinguishing between the two. Half of me wanted to be there for my family, but I just couldn't get the thought out of my mind that I needed to be somewhere else. I adjusted, but it was a long and hard endeavor.

You father was and IS a hero! His dedication is evident through his decorations, and his love for his family is that he came home for that short visit.

All of our love,

The Tschuor Family
Muncie, Indiana

Thanks, Kurt. Your words mean more than I can say.

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